Principles for a connected world

In a world where commercial messages are everywhere, getting noticed is increasingly difficult. Our mission is to give our clients the means to stand out.

Our philosophy is concise:

  • The future is now, and it's loud. To cut through noise, wield a chainsaw. Find unwritten rules. Break them. This gets you noticed.
  • In deviation, quality is essential. Different and mediocre is embarrassing. Different and excellent is genius.
  • Quality is real and systematic. Knowledge of this system is called design. Good design is rational and repeatable.
  • Design is about improving usability. Good design considers not only the surface, but also the structure.
  • All work in systems used by humans is design. Design principles apply to all media.

What we bring to the table

Digital natives

Our umbilical cords were optical cables - our lullabies the noisy handshakes of 56k dial-ups. We understand the possibilities and limitations of the digital world, and we bring that frame of mind wherever we go.

Madness is the method

In a world that runs on attention, being generic gets you nowhere very quickly. Those who are willing to experiment and take risks come out on top. We create original, interactive media experiences that turn heads.

Good enough isn't

Creativity without skill is like an engine without a car. It's noisy, smelly and gets you nowhere. We enjoy minding the details and getting it right. You will notice the difference.

Full service agency

Marketing is an extremely wide field. We neither could nor should attempting every possible niche by ourselves. In order to guarantee high quality we often bring in a few freelance experts.

At this point you might wonder what magic we wield


Leo Ryberg, Founder
Phone: (+46) 73 744 41 14
Slottsbacken 8
111 30 Stockholm


N!DB!LD is a multimedia agency and digital bureau founded in early 2015.

We're committed to creating unique multimedia experiences that people react to and remember.